Friday, April 5, 2013

Special Sewing Day

I love the thought that I can still experience new ‘firsts’ in my life. This one was spent with my granddaughter; sewing up some projects she had requested. She loved helping me pick out fabrics, arranging stuff on my tables, and tidying up our workspace.

She really was impressed with how quick and easy a more complex design can be created. Our first blanket was the checkerboard pattern. With the leftover strips, I made the matching pillow.
Initially, it was a blanket and pillow for her little kitty. Then, she thought more pillows would be fun for her other special friends. Not wanting to waste the pieces we didn’t use, more blankets were made.

Here are the results of those happy hours we spent at my sewing machine, this week.


[Blankets and Pillows with Kitty]

[All Projects]


While I was finishing the sewing on the second day, she created some cute items with scrap fabrics and straight pins. Most of them are bugs, with others being baskets and boats. Aren’t they cute!

[Creative Bugs with Straight Pins]


We had also worked on a cover strip for a plastic jar; that just may become a piggy bank. This was a great project to show her how fused applique can decorate the fabric; and we used cat silhouettes in a colorful selection of fabrics.

[Cat Appliques on Fabric Strip]


She inspired me; and knowing that we’d do this again. My thoughts went to how I could rearrange my work space to accommodate her presence better.  By the time the day was done, we had a new arrangement and we both look forward to our next sewing adventure.


Hang in there, and happy crafting!!


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