Friday, April 12, 2013

Star of David

Creating the Star of David 

To create the Star of David on the ISRAEL flag. Make the star from two equal-sided triangles.
(A)  Draw a line 1 3/4" long. (shown in blue)
(B)  Find the center of this line and draw a hatched line straight up from center at approximately the same distance.  (shown in red)
(C)  Mark a point on this hatched line at 1 3/4" from line A.
(D)  Draw a line from each end of your bottom straight line (A) to meet with the point you made.  (shown in red)
(E)  Then, draw three parallel lines about 1/8" away on the inside of the triangle to give it thickness.  (shown in blue)
(F)  Lastly, cut out the inner section to complete the triangle. Use this to make your two triangles for the Star of David.

Please Note:
This diagram is for illustration purposes only. It may not be to scale.
Continue the journey with me, next time... as we discover more flag styles.
Hang in there, and happy crafting!!

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