Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flag Quest Pattern

Do you like seeing your country’s flag blowing in the breeze? This design will allow that perfect image to flow under your mouse; each time you work at your computer and travel that universal network.

P   A warm and cozy place for your mouse to work and sleep when you are away.
P  Choose the pattern that best reflects your country's flag for you; and get two variations, in the pattern.
P  Add creativity; and produce your own unique mini quilt for your computer station. 

When I originally created this one, I did not know it would be such a fun experience to change the design to reflect so many world flags. The additional styles were fun to create and will be used in a new project.

I have changed my mind (several times now) on how I will sell them. Instead of the complete set of twelve, as shown below, I am going to offer some of them as individual designs. This allows the purchase price to be more compatible with the other mouse pad patterns.

After I publish a few; it will be up to individuals to request additional designs. This will free up my time for new ideas that are waiting to be tried. It also will allow me to just add those that would be of interest.

I also am not adding the Mouse Pad Collection logo to these patterns, as I've decided they can be used for either a mouse pad mini quilt or used as designs in other quilt projects. They will be getting a brand new cover.


As the theme of these mini quilts was originally to showcase how to make our computer station more quilt friendly; I designed “cat and mouse” and “mac and me”. The third one to fit into this technology theme was inspired by the Windows logo. From its bright colors and flowing style; my flag design was born. It's now ready for that twist to...

[Canada -- template pieces]


Create Your Own
So—get ready to go on your own quest—choose the template pieces and fabric colors that best fit your country’s flag; add creativity, and produce your own personal mini quilt. Or, perhaps, you wish to use pieces that remind you of where you’d like to journey to on your next adventure; whether real or imaginary. Feel free to embellish this one, as you wish, with both plain and printed fabrics.

Hang in there, and happy crafting!!


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