Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cleaning Your Iron

I prefer to work with appliqued elements on my quilt projects. And, my favorite technique is still machine fused applique using Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 fusible web. Therefore, this gives me the added task of ensuring my iron stays away from that sticky fused residue.

But, does it.....

Simply, no.
So here is what I do to keep my iron clean, longer.

Keeping It All Clean

Method One... 

I know there are great products on the market to keep that iron base clean; however, it isn't usually the thing I think about when out shopping. And... I would still rather spend my money on fabric!!

So, when I need to clean my iron; and I either don't want to spend money for it or am not near a store to buy some. I head down to the kitchen and get the Comet and a damp cloth. I've used this method a few times and am very happy with the results.

Here is my proof on all this...


PS.. I also used the Comet on my green cutting mat, and it took off a lot of black marks and grit. I have no idea what one should use to clean them, but this did work.

Method Two... 

Since all things still do get dirty even after our best effort and wishing it wasn't so.... that iron will still give it's best effort at ironing and pressing our projects. And in the process, will pick up whatever it comes in contact with, such as: pencil, ink, or fusible web.

Sometimes it just has a hissy fit and sputters out water when the steam feature is used. So if or when any of this stuff happens, I've adopted another way to keep both fabric and iron clean.....

by using a pressing cloth. I have some thin, white cotton fabric that never gets picked for any quilt projects. Now, it works perfectly as a pressing cloth. If you look on the photo, I placed an "x" in the top corner to show you that it's important to mark the right side. This way, it always faces up; not allowing the iron to mess up the fabric or the fused applique pieces from messing up the iron.

Generally, one wouldn't think the pressing surface would get so dirty, but it does. If all we used our irons for, was pressing freshly laundered clothing, that may be so. However, it's all that other stuff we prefer to use the iron for; creates opportunity for this to happen.
Now, all I need to clean are those quilting gloves.  Haven't ever remembered to look at the package instructions or go online to see how to clean them.   ....perhaps one day I'll get to that as well.

Hang in there, and happy crafting!!

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