Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daffodils and Tulips

Quilts add color to any space they occupy; sometimes, they are meant to just add color and warmth to a particular place in our homes. At other times, they are a warm, cozy covering as we sleep.

So, I thought—why not add a splash of color to our computer work station—as many of us tend to spend a lot of time there. And, I like the idea of giving this mechanical mouse a cozy quilt to sit on as we do our work. There we can enjoy this mini quilt as we dream up new ideas, or find more projects to add to our wish list.

Mouse Pads - Back


The next three designs from this collection include:

My Pod

             This design may inspire you to plant a garden; or make you hungry for garden fresh peas. Hope you enjoy this design for whatever reason you’d want to make it. It’s quick and easy.

(This pattern is now available FREE. Give it a try and see how easy fused machine applique, really is!)


Basket of Flowers

Flowers are great for incorporating into our quilt projects. And delightfully bring color and beauty into our homes; whether fresh and fragrant, or stitched into charming quilts for our viewing pleasure, all year long.


Sewing Machine

If you are here—you love your sewing machine. Perhaps, this is the mini quilt you’ll want to have next to your computer for your mouse.

These patterns (currently fused applique) include:
  • Colored illustrations
  • Clear instructions
  • Full-size templates for the applique pieces, already reversed for the fusible applique process. 
  • All these designs are fast and easy and will make a great gift to give to someone that you love, even yourself.
To see more on these designs, click on MY CRAFTSY STORE logo at the right-side column of this page.

Mini Quilts - Mouse Pads
Next time, I hope to share the remaining design in this collection. This one is getting an update with an interesting twist, so that I can sell it in ‘my crafty store’.

Hang in there, and happy crafting!!



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