Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A World of Flags


The last design from this collection:

My Flag

This emblem represents home; and the templates included, allow you to add your own creative twist to make it your own.

However, here are the new details:

I was originally making only twelve flag styles...until I got to thinking about what I'd do with all these flags. I didn't really want all those designs to become mouse pad mini quilts. So I thought up another idea for a project. That meant I'd need more flag blocks.

The problem was that I kept changing my mind on how and which designs would be featured in patterns to sell. After some time, I think I've figured out how to approach this dilemna.

My new plan is to create a few flag styles and let people suggest new ones. From those ideas, I'd see where they'd fit in and add those patterns.


I can still use the flags I've made and appliqued for my new project. And, any individual patterns I make will have a featured flag. It may come from the list below. 
µ  Algeria
µ  Canada 
µ  Congo
µ  Germany
µ  Italy
µ  Japan 
µ  Mauritius
µ  Monaco
µ  Panama               
µ  Thailand
µ  United Arab Emirates
µ  United States

     O   Fabric requirements will be shown for the featured flag style, only as it will give a good representation of materials needed; as most are scrap  pieces. 
     O   All templates will be full-size and reversed for fused applique. Whenever I can, I'll include additional design elements, such as: stars, circles, etc.

     O   A blog tutorial-type instruction will be posted whenever it would be helpful to certain design elments. 
     O   This additional information will provide “extra tips and hints” for using these basic flag styles to create other flags that aren’t in the pattern.

Your mechanical mouse will be warm and snug in its cozy quilt as you do your work. And, now you can also add your own country’s flag to this location. More details and pattern coming soon.....

Hang in there, and happy crafting!!


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