Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where’s My Fabric…

After arranging our workspace to suit our needs—what else can we do? My best guess would be to ‘sew something’. Test out the arrangement and see if it feels ‘right’. And, if something isn’t working, alter it to make it work better.

Some creative ways to sort and display your quilting fabrics, enjoy this post!

Fabric Ready for Sorting

One area that I have found must feel 'right' is my fabric storage area. When I first began, I used my plastic storage containers as I had no other place to arrange it.
Fabric in Storage Drawers

Then after a move and an alteration in work space, I wanted a better method. So I found a great used furniture place and was able to get a great hutch/buffet. I loved this arrangement.  


Then another move; and I really needed the hutch/buffet in the kitchen for plates and glasses. So I looked again, and found a great buy in a local store for a wooden cabinet that has five shelves.

Storage Cabinet with Five Shelves

Now that I am in a different house, I couldn’t use either hutch or cabinet because my sewing/quilting space has slanted ceilings and stairs that would not allow such furniture to get up to that level. So I tried putting my fabric back in those plastic storage containers that I had once used; and was not happy with this old arrangement.

I found that I really liked my fabric stacked in piles of separate colors—making it easier to take the whole stack or only a few pieces. After using what was needed, it was so easy to place it back on the stack.

So after I re-arranged my work space, found that I had room for a bookshelf. And, once again have my fabric in stacks like I had before. Now, the hope is that one day I can once again use my favorite hutch/buffet in my sewing space, but that will need to wait until that time comes around.

Bookshelf Displaying Fabric

For now, I just need to get into my newly arranged space and quilt up something fun!! I am hoping the weather warms up soon, so it isn’t so cold up there. However, for now, a portable heater can really make a difference, and after I get my data entry caught up, I should have some time to sew something.

Hang in there, and happy crafting!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

So Many Buttons!

When one has room for everything, it can easily be displayed. Sometimes, though we have no idea how to arrange those special items that are hidden away from view.

After arranging my tables and things in my quilting space, I also thought I’d share with you how I like to display my buttons.

My Button Jars

I really don’t know what it is--but one thing we know is that we like to collect things. One such collection for me.... is that I like buttons. So when it was time to sort through my boxes, after having some things in storage, I found these jars; and they have worked perfectly for storing and displaying my button collection. And, when I want to look through the jar, all I do is pour them out into a box lid and find what I want to use. It is also a great way to play with them, even my granddaughter loves to play with them and sort them out into different categories.

In the future, I may sort them out into separate colors, if I feel that I need a quick method to locate only one particular color. A perfect container to use for this method would be to use a parts storage cabinet. (IE: a multi-drawer design with small see-through, pull-out drawers, as shown below.)

Mastercraft 60-Drawer Plastic Parts Cabinet

Hang in there, and happy crafting!!



Friday, February 8, 2013

Thread Storage

After arranging my tables and things in my quilting space, I also changed some things that will help me find things, such as: THREAD

I had received a wooden sewing basket many years ago and even when it sat in my room, it still needed something to hold and keep secret. Since I didn’t really want to store needles, and supplies anymore that aren’t great for little fingers to get into, I came up with a great idea.
I love to be organized and sometimes it seems hard to get that all that stuff to fit into the spaces available for them. And since I wanted to reorganize my plastic storage drawers, I was able to—organize my spools of thread—so the color I want is available at a glance.

Here is what I did with my thread:



Hang in there, and happy crafting!!