Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Table-top Restoration

When something looks shabby, there isn’t always the means to restore it; however, in due course everything seems to proceed to that end—whether that means fixing it or replacing it.
The table had been in storage for some time, and the nicely covered surface was damaged. When I reclaimed it, I had no time to repair the damage and only added tape to hold down the ruffled edges.

Most times, we get used to the situation and allow it to continue in that state. But knowing that my sewing room was in need of a new look and a shabby table top just would not fit in, it was time to find the time and energy to take care of it.

I had to deal with the sticky residue of the tape I had used; otherwise, it was quite an easy task and very rewarding. In the process, I decided to remove everything down to the original laminate. This gave it a much smoother surface to install the new Grip-tac decorative covering. There is of course some roughness where the wood had swollen due to getting wet, but it will look and function much better, until the time I can replace the table.

Here, are the results of my efforts:

Old Table Top
New Table Top
 Hang in there, and happy crafting!!


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Betty said...

That is a an impressive improvement!

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