Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Organizing My Sewing Room


Instead of making year-long resolutions, I thought to be more obtainable, for me; I'd start with one month and see how it goes. 

For example, if getting in shape was a resolution, that one is very hard to even start with when the weather is so cold that is makes it difficult to get outdoors or drive to an exercise facility.  It would be better to start that one when I can go for walks down the road again.... perhaps in March or April.

My two objectives for January 2013 would be—to de-clutter the main areas of the house, and organize my office files—to be able to successfully prepare for the tax season.

I have also enjoyed improving my blogs; and adding necessary posts to provide better direction for anyone visiting—to know what I’ve planned to do with them. 
On the final day of 2012, I got the inspiration to reorganize my sewing room. So, that evening, I got started on re-arranging my furniture and hauling books upstairs. After New's Year Day, I would get back to finishing that area. And, then would proceed with the other main areas of the house, as time permitted.
Here... I’d like to share two photos of my sewing room’s new look:

Photo 1:  Cutting Area
My cutting table has leg extensions to bring it to a proper height. Also, on the table is a special holder for my rotary rulers and a lamp for evening lighting. Then, under the table, just enough space for my three storage units for miscellaneous storage of—batting, threads, cutting tools, etc. These are covered with a special tablecloth to add a decorative touch.

Cutting Area
Photo 2: Sewing/Pressing Area
I’ve always liked my sewing area in an L-shaped figuration. So, here it is. There is lots of room for my machine and on my left a portable pressing board for quick pressing of pieces while I sew. I can always move the pressing board to my cutting table, if I so desire.  And, if I need my ironing board there is plenty of room in front of the bookshelves.

Sewing/Pressing Area
Also, the bookshelf that was brought upstairs now holds my 100% cotton fabrics. I couldn't put my storage cabinet upstairs because of the slanted ceilings, so did not like the fabrics in my plastic storage containers. I find if the fabrics are on a shelf they are easy to take off and replace back on the stack.

Hang in there, and happy crafting!!


grandmarockton said...

Looks nice and organized

Quiltbenaco said...

Bella la stanza del cucito....sei molto fortunata!
Ciao dall'Italia

Darlee said...

Thank you so much.

Betty said...

Looks like a cozy little room!

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