Thursday, August 23, 2012

A New Beginning

As summer winds down, it is once again time for a seasonal change. I always look forward to autumn with those cooler evenings and leaves turning to brilliant shades of oranges, reds, and browns.
Soon, my husband and I will be embarking on our next move, and this always brings with it many interesting things waiting to be discovered.  

So in order to keep things simple, I thought it would be fitting to start a new blog and focus only on one place to journal my creativity pastimes. This time, I will share a variety of topics, instead of keeping the blog to only quilt-related projects.  I’ve tried to figure out which blog to continue and which one to end, perhaps it's just best to start again.

These blogs are still available for viewing; however, new posts will only be added to this new blog. So, I hope to see you there sometime. Thanks for visiting.
After much consideration, I've decided the best way to move forward is to create a whole new blog. I’m hoping this keeps me interested in journaling my sewing and quilting endeavours, as they unfold. I recently made some items that were not quilts and would love to share them here.
And what a great time to experience a new setting... and a place close enough to spend time with our grandchildren. I know it’ll give me many, happy hours stitching up a variety of sewn items, as I’ve been told that they have lots of ideas, especially since I was recently asked, “if I make people clothes, too”.
Hang in there, and happy crafting!!


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